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We are partnering with CAMP-of-the-WOODS, so each individual and family must register with CAMP-of-the-WOODS. The camp has graciously reserved a number of spaces for Christian Union guests, and registration is now open.
Please follow this simple two-step process to register:
Pricing for the week is set by CAMP-of-the-WOODS for all of their guests. Your rates will be based on the accommodations you select. Step One is to get an overview of the pricing and accommodations.
To learn more about available accommodations, please see this interactive PDF. Once you click on this map, you can click on any particular accommodation option to learn more about it.
To learn about pricing, 
please download their pricing PDF here, 
If you still have questions or need help, please call Christa Smith directly at CAMP-of-the-WOODS at (518) 548-4826, ext. 242, and let her know that you are inquiring about the Christian Union Summer Getaway. 
You can also download the full CAMP-of-the-WOODS brochure here, but please remember that the Christian Union Summer Getaway is only offered during week 4 of the CAMP-of-the-WOODS summer schedule.
Once you have selected your preferred accommodations for the week, step two is to download the Christian Union Summer Getaway Registration form here, complete it, and return it to:
Christian Union, attn: Jill Constantinou.
You may either send it via US mail, to Jill's attention: 
 19 Vandeventer Avenue, Princeton, NJ 08542
Send a scanned  copy to Jill via email:
Also please feel free to email Jill if you have any other questions.
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